As the time moves on until I will become free from compulsary education I reflect back on my time within the two schools that I have been too and I realise that maybe things haven't been so bad. When you are at school you generally hate it because it is something you are forced to do but as you get older you begin to realise that perhaps it wasn't so bad and it did do you an ounce of good. That is what I think anyway, I'm glad I was schooled well, aren't you?

- Ainthorpe Primary School

1993 - 1999

My time at primary school felt short and unfulfilling at the time. As I progressed through the school I realised that maybe I wasn't like every other kid around, I felt different. As I think of how I was back then I realise that every kid at that school most have thought that, wanting to be special and seek attention. That is what primary school kids yearn for throughout the whole of their school life. Primary school was fun - nothing was ever really that hard. Back then, those many years ago, everything was so simple and being sad was something that was not even possible. We painted. We played. We laughed. We were children.

- Wolfreton Secondary School

1999 - present day

I'm still in education now and quite frankly I don't really like it that much. Sometimes, just sometimes, I don't like it at all. I've had some fun, though. During secondary school I gained new friends, experience of life and a wonderful sense of achievement. Being older I realised that I had to get my head down so that I achieved good marks overall and hopefully in the summer all my hard work will be put to the test. Secondary school has left me thinking that being clever and having an education is the best thing you can but you have to remember to have fun too. You need to make that balence between fun and school otherwise you end up in a mess and, most of all, unhappy.

When thinking of school I feel happy and privleged that I have achieved so much in my life. School has to be the best time of your life, doesn't it?