I found my old diary the other week. It made me cry. I can't believe some of the things I had put in there.
It was from about a year ago and it was when I'd just started a diet, it was horrid. I'd been picked on and called names, sadness filled the whole diary. I can't believe I let people get to me so much. The thing is people still do, thats what made me cry.
I tell myself it doesn't matter what people think but at the end of the day it does and it hurts.

You may think I named this article wrongly but no, I named it this because of how the story ends.
I suppose all the things that had been said built up and I did infact lose weight. Yes it is true, I lost a stone and five pounds and from that diary I found that out, that also made me cry.

A stone and five pounds? It sounds alot but not really, I still get picked on for my weight and that makes me sad that people judge you for what size you are.

My proudest moments of this year where finding out how much weight I had lost and being able to buy a top from Topshop.
As you read this you might think that buying a top from Topshop is nothing, but to me it was everything. All my friends and everyone around me shopped in Topshop and I couldn't and that was awful.
I look back on that day and trying that top and it fitting and being so happy. Now though, it doesn't matter, a shop shouldn't rule my life and it never will again. I won't let it.

I've decided though I'm going to be myself and forget about everyone, so what I'm over weight, why does that matter to people? At the end of the day to the people who love me it doesn't matter.
I'd like to say thankyou to my family and my friends for sticking up for me and standing by me.

"I love you guys!"