I'm sorry, but while mirv has the right idea, a few things need correcting.
  • Elbows can be devastatingly powerful, more so than punches usually. To say that they are not as strong as punches isn't quite fair- they are a shorter range technique, which is a downside.
  • The inside defenses ('defense against straight attacks') are not a slap. They are a redirection. It is difficult to properly explain the technique in text, but very simple to show, and the distinction between a slap and a redirection is rather important.
  • The kicks in Krav Maga are not snapping kicks (as you might see in Tae Kwon Do). They remain bent, and drive through the target, using the rotational force of the kick (at least for round kicks). Groin kicks are sometimes taught as snapping kicks, but these too should remain bent and driving through the target. A little extension of the leg on groin kicks is fine, but they are not "snap kicks" in the sense that Tae Kwon Do kicks are, with a chamber, lock out, and rechamber.
  • Sidekicks with the top of the foot? Maybe if you could dislocate your ankle... Just the heel for me, thanks.