I've done this only once and it had the most profound effect on me ever. I started working harder then ever before. My school grades resembled a trashcan. My parents tried yelling and punishing me but it never worked. When my mom cryed though, the shit hit the fan.

It was then I knew that I had screwed up royally. Your mother and I guess your father have the potential to love you more than anyone in life. My mom is going to be with me until she dies unless I fuck up royally. She keeps me from going nuts just by talking to me every day. Mothers tend to put off an aura of goodnes that can cheer their kids up very quickly.

If you ever make your mother cry you better do something to fix it. That's all I can say.

If you don't have a mother then I can't help but feel bad for you. I'm lucky enough to still have mine and when she does die I'm not sure what I'm goin to do.

{hojita} has a good point. I've seen my mom do that too when my brother said he was going to join the peace corps and my dad got really pissed off. I don't tink my brother did a bad thing, he doesn't think so either. At the time however both my parents thought it was a horrible idea because he had just been accepted to medical school. Now my parents don't even talk about it and they've definetly forgiven him. My mom cried about something she didn't really approve of but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.