Woke up late and screwed around on my computer. Called my friend Matt and had him come over so we could go buy some presents for my other friend's birthday.

My brother took me and him to the mall and we proceeded to buy a book about the 60's and a poster(alice in wonderland). The mall was packed tight so no mischief could be had. We spent the rest of the time walking around the mall. We tried PS2 out, which was cool. It's a very nice system but not a huge improvement and the graphics seem blurry.

While we were looking for a camera for my brother's girlfriend I overheard a little kid say, "Are we looking for the mall? Cause if we are I know where it is." Thought this was funny for the next few hours.

Then we went home and wrapped the stuff along with some CD?s I had. One was an MP3 CD and the other was Spastic Ink. Also squeezed some pot seeds in one of the cases.

Then we burned some time and ate dinner and then we went to my friend's party.

It was a kicking party. It was tame when we got there with only a few people there and they were all play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Then we started messing with two turntables and a mixer. Soon after the party really got started. At least half of the people there had raved and still do, so it was an interesting thing to watch.

Some of my friends got drunk and were screwing around. I picked one up on my shoulders and spun him around and watched him try to get up off the ground.

A few people got stoned and most of us were just smoking cigarettes. There were a few people snorting Special K. Eventually I had to leave so I got a ride with a few of my friends back to Matt's house. On the way out the driver (who was perfectly sober) backed into a badly parked Mazda Millenia that belonged to another friend. We weren't going to say anything until we realized whose car it was. He didn't flip out and they calmly worked it out.

By now it was like 12.30 AM and we pulled in front of matt's house. We went in and avoided his parents so they wouldn't smell the smoke on us. Then went and watched Casino. In the end we stayed up till close to 6 in the morning talking about crap. I was able to do this because I had taken a caffeine pill. Eventually we fell asleep and in the morning my brother picked me up.