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In the real world you might confuse me for an some crazy beast. I don't try to talk to people, if I do make eye-contact it never works out, and I stutter and have trippy speech problems. I'm also not very nice on the eyes. Long, shaggy, un-brushed hair, a thin face, and a large head don't look great on my small body. I also have bad walking ability, I tend to trip over myself, and other things and move akwardly. People tend to be nice to me because they see I don't have many friends, and I'm not particularly annoying, although it makes me feel like a burden onto them, and being talked to as if you were seven isn't fun. My hobbies include collecting (hoarding), interneting (being an aspie), and screwing around with hardware (technophilia). I don't take kindly to close-mindedness, but I don't say anything about it, although I should learn to stand up for shit. I could probably hold my own in a fight provided I get a knife, or blunt object, but I can usually avoid confrontation. 



On the internet I've been a whore, a senile old woman, an horse, a priest, and a murderer. The internet is my one source of happiness that I can always rely on. Without it I could probably go read a book, but not for long. It allows us to be ourselves, and meet truly amazing people who in real life would be mundane like all of us. I mostly stick to forums, imageboards, and wikis, rarely venturing into IRC or usenet, but I'd like to 'get in more'. 



My goal in life is to improve the quality of life for others. Whether that be through participating in humanitarian projects, random acts of kindness, or by just by giving a smile and a nod. Politically I consider myself a Mutualist, but never go to great lengths to achieve a type of society like that, waiting for it to fall into my lap like all my other dreams.