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End of Days
When you reach the end, things dont have time to get better.
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Why did I let my self slip
All that I have become over time I gave to you as a gift
I didn't even realize my actions
I was dropped out of your life and now I feel the reaction
Why did I let myself slip
Why did I fall for you so quick
Its as if I knew you for so long
I even dedicated to you my favorite song
Its as if for those moments I was in a whole different time
I thought we had something going but you only left me behind
In times like this I wonder why I was so easy
And then I remember the different look that you gave me
You used to smile when I told a funny story
Now I think, was that fake or did you really adore me
We stood in the dark all alone by the park's pond
And held each other while dancing to only silence, not even a song
The way you lightly kissed me on the cheek
It was slow romantic and sweet
Now I'm here alone screwed in the head
Its been two years since I cried over a girl in my bed
I'll be perfect for another
But for now it looks like ill be going to Vegas all alone this summer
It was fun and awesome while it was on
But now I turn to my old self because what I had was gone
I'm lucky I didn't kiss u on the lips
Because it would be harder then ever to forget
It was short and sweet, but not too long to mend
We may never know who's loss it really was in the end…