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~I am a very shy person of few words, but when I write, I can express who I am, and what I have been through, freely, without having to be judged and looked down upon in person, for I feel I am overly sensitive to even the slightest bit of criticism. I am here to use this site as somewhat of an online journal, but mainly for the 'stupid' ideas that pop up in my mind, and for my rants and whatnot. ~

What Makes Me normal:

My name is Jamie. I am 18 and live in my own house, with my boyfriend. I have a pomeranian named Shotzie, and a cat named Wormy, who does not have worms, though the irony will be a riot if she gets them. I enjoy being outside, fishing, smiling, swimming (more like flailing around trying to doggie paddle), and eating tasty pizza. I graduated high school in 2009, choosing not to go to college, or really work at all, for that matter. I have TONS of purses and shoes, and not very many clothes. I love bonfires, I'm getting a natural suntan for the first time ever, my hair is blonde again after 5 years, and though I'm not always the most positive ion in the electrical charge, I'm extremely happy. :D :D

What makes me interesting:

-I am a recovering drug addict/alcoholic with 16 months sober. I am not ashamed of it, nor do I want people to feel sorry for me (you shouldnt, unless you have been through the same thing, down to a T). I think it makes me a stronger person for having gone through all the shit addicts get, and being caught in the throes on addiction and alcoholism, it's a hard thing to 'just stop, cold turkey'.

~I remember this one time, me and a couple buddies were goin for a country cruise, and I took a hit of this real good nug, and I felt pretty good. After a few hits, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I turned white, and I started shaking. I could barely hear my friends saying 'Jamie.. JAMIE?? Oh my God', over the music, "Sunny Day" by Zug Izland. Trippy song, even when you're sober. After a minute or so, I snapped out of it, rolled down my window, and HURLED. I took one look at my friend, and said 'Give me another hit of that shit, and restart the song.' Little did I know, that the pot was laced with cocaine. Little did they know, that in my mind, I was shooting zombies that were coming at me from a black forest, walking through a white mist, with a deep navy blue velvet sky.~

-I am an artist. I started drawing at age 3, while watching Pappyland. I drew a little boy, holding a mirror. And I even drew the reflection. My will-forte is portraits and caricatures. I have won numerous awards, from the 2nd Crossing Gallery Award in 2nd grade, to having 4 pieces in the Governor's traveling show AND a drawing hanging in the State Senator's office during my senior year of high school, being the only artist in the school to have ever had that many pieces traveling at once. I am currently trying to sell some of my work for a little extra money here and there.

-I have a dry, sarcastic witty humor side, and a random, childish humor side. The childish humor takes over quite often.

-I am a thinker. I am a dreamer. I am HERE. VERY MUCH here. Not there. If I were there, I would be reading over your shoulder while biting my lower lip. Need I say more?