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Howdy, I am a Commercial application developer - specialising in Internet & Commercial Database apps.

I am an ardent Linux supporter. Funnily enough I am single - there has to be a link there...

I love cooking (well eating the results :), buskwalking (Ohh the pain... ) and my computers (just don't get me started)

I regularly punish myself by going to the gym - a desperate attempt to keep my body like it was 10 years ago :)

When you put it all on a screen it dosen't seem to amount to much... After much deliberation I have decided that it is time to publish anto's big list of little rules Nice rules for dealing with life that everyone should follow (not that I am a megalomaniac or anything :)

Respect others
The basic premis for all existance must be the mutual respect of all people. This requires the respect of the enviroment, others customs their wishes & their right to self determination
Respect Life
The right to live is the most basic right of every person on the planet. Obviously there will be times when the right of an indvidual to live will come into conflict with the needs of society
Health and Welfare
Everyone has the right to be able to earn a living wage. Such a wage needs to include allowances for food, shelter, warmth (or cooling if you get to live somewhere horribly hot) a realistic amount of medical treatment (no one should be dying of easily treatable aliments). When such a wage can not be made society should step up and make up the difference - this does not have to be in the form of cask but could be made up of rent & food assistance etc.