Franchise of 16-bit video games based on the above.
Subtitle: "Buster's Hidden Treasure"
Sega Mega Drive
Developed by Konami
Published by Sega, 1993

Excellent platform game developed in tandem with SNES Tiny Toons (Buster Busts Loose?), although not a port of that game. In effect a hybrid of Super Mario World's map system with Sonic The Hedgehog's speed and graphical conventions.

Extremely challenging, requiring Buster to make pixel-perfect leaps, a task that the eminently responsive controls generally make more enjoyable than frustrating. Konami's usual obsessive quality control is in evidence, with the perfect difficulty curve and satisfying feedback creating an irresistable urge for just one more go. Thankfully, there is a password system.

Certainly not a game for children, unless you want to teach them that life is uncompromisingly brutal, especially to fluffy animals.