This line has been used very, very often (there was a time in the early Nineties when everyone from gangsta rappers to europop cheesemongers were resorting to using it). By now, having heard it in so often we don't even think about it. We long ago stopped pondering on the fact that it doesn't make much sense - if you 'don't care', why would you throw your hands up in the air and wave them around? Hardly the most apathetic of gestures. Or does it mean 'don't care that you look stupid'? Or is it just referring to the waving them around - as in 'don't care if you put someone's eye out'? Perhaps we'll never know.

This line can be quite funny when it turns up in unexpected places. For instance in the PC Zone review of the game Severance, the stealth aspect (or lack of it for the barbarian character) is described thusly: "You can crash through the levels making as much noise as you like, waving your sword and throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care."