Mildly diverting 20th Century form of cheap entertainment, more successfully developed as an advertising medium than a way of presenting anything of any real value. Television's greatest power is that of its near-total pervasiveness in society, which has occasionally (but very rarely) been exploited for good reasons.

Unhealthy, antisocial and counterproductive, broadcast television is now largely an irrelevance offering poor value, scant and highly subjective information, and eliciting conditioned responses instead of trying to strive for wit, intelligence or emotional depth. As a result, it trails distantly behind Cinema, Video Games, Radio and the Internet, depending on what criteria you are judging.

Television works best when its content providers can evade the influence of the networks, advertisers and the moral majority. Brass Eye, The Simpsons and Star Trek: The Next Generation are all good examples of TV shows that do their own thing - the latter two simply because they got so big and lucrative they could get a fair amount of creative freedom, and Chris Morris's show because Morris simply does not give a fuck. (As opposed to Tom Green, who is a manufactured attempt at the same goal, carefully prevented from actually doing or saying anything vaguely offensive by a legion of MTV executives.)

But these (ultra-rare) exceptions aside, TV is worthless and pointless. It's shit for all the following reasons, and more:

I could go on, but won't.