Handheld devices, networking and storage technology are all shit in the Star Trek universe. At least in the Federation. Haircare technology (Jordy again) is also woefully lacking. Also, if the ship has such good voice control, why do they have such 'supermarket' style keypads? And why do the monitors flicker like they are neon tubes (well... I know they ARE in real life, but I was trying not to break the fourth wall). And why do people take costumes and sports equipment to the holodeck? And why, when anyone fucks with the main computer, do they not have reliable logs - always one crappy bit of CCTV at best. Doh! At least they aren't using any flavour of Windows, so it's not totally unrealistic (presumably they've offloaded the software along with the ethics to the Borg). Why are there flashing lights in Data's head? There are millions of other things (like, how can any even slightly non-humanoid creature use a Jeffry's Tube? Why do all ships travel the same "way up"?) but they can wait.

(This node reminds me of a PVP strip : "There's no crying on Star Trek!" "But I've got period pain..." "There's no menstruating on Star Trek!")