Residents of the UK will be familiar with Tango (a soft drink), and the variety of fucked-up marketing schemes they have run over the last 10 or so years. The first of note featured an orange man (not an angry Irish person, an actual bald man with orange skin) in a nappy violently slapping a Tango-drinker around the ears. After a spate of copycat Tango-ings in playgrounds, it was substituted for giving him a head-twisting kiss. A few more surreal attacks followed in other ads in the series. Later, Tango ran a number of promotional freebies funded by premium phone lines. The most recent poster ads (as of this writing) include :

New Tango Tropical : Don't slag it off until you've tried it. (Then slag it off.)

Tango : Officially A Drink During Euro 2000


Hot, Tired, Thirsty? Ha ha ha - I'm Not.

Heat and Crowds Getting You Down? I Couldn't Give Two Monkeys.

Hot Weather Making You Sweat? Then Buy A Drink You Mug

The last few are funny but rather creepy, with their laughing beach-people mocking the observer. Rather reminiscent in humour to Viz or UK:Resistance. There was also another ad for Tropical Tango which appeared to be a Lilt ad and had a tagline like "The Totally Original Tropical Flavoured Drink, Honest". Tango is quite rank stuff (except Tango Cherry), but long may their subversive ads reign.