Wow, I can't believe it's over a year since I last wrote a daylog. Rather a lot of stuff has happened in the intervening time, some of which I will try to recap here. Because you all care deeply, right?

2003: The year of crapness

Two Thousand and Three A.D. was a really horrible year. Maybe not the worst year of my life, but pretty awful all the same. I lost my job at a games publisher early in the year (although I have daylogged sporadically since, I never really explained this) and lived off my savings and money from parents for a few weeks while waiting for job agencies to offer me something. After around six weeks of this I got a call out of the blue from another publisher, who had been given my number one of my coworkers at my previous employer.

So I went to 'work' for this second publisher in a poorly defined role with no contract (it was always 'waiting to come through from head office'). The 'work', I eventually found out, involved lying to customers to cover up the company's refusal to pay any developers. It was not a pleasant experience. This lasted for six weeks before they sacked me with no notice. (This particular company has since closed, and the staff have set up another Mickey Mouse company, where they continue to be wholly incompetent unprofessional conniving shitweasels.)

After this kick in the knackers, I went on the dole for a longish period (during which I wrote quite a bit and started watching a lot of films and TV series). This is when I wrote most of my writeups of the last year. There's a kind of full-sensory 'feeling' to being unemployed with no means of support. It's like tightrope walking without a net, with lots of people taking aim at you with flaming arrows from the ground. Over a tank of pirahna. In space.

I went to an interview to work at a games mail order company (mail order and retail companies are not, in fact, typically allowed to advertise vacancies with games industry recruitment agencies - they got around this by lying extravagantly), but to no avail. Konami were supposed to offer me something too (in fact I think they did, eventually, after it was too late), as were Eidos. I missed out on something at Sega.

My last resort was to contact my highly charitable employers of the Summer of 2000, whom I noticed had placed an ad for a level designer. They wouldn't take me on for a design role with no experience (and quite right too), but they did have a vacancy for someone to handle the distribution side of the business, which matched pretty closely with the kind of work I'd been doing at my last legitimate employer. So the day was, at length, saved. Hurrah!

2004: The year of excellence

This year has been, comparitively or taken on its own merits, completely fab so far. For the sake of brevity I will just go over the noteworthy bits in point form:

  • I have a job!
  • It's one that, while not hugely exciting, isn't stressful and doesn't involve programming.
  • I'm out of debt with everyone except the student loan company.
  • I have been to lots of nodermeets (at least nine so far this year, apparently).
  • My Grandad died. He was 90 and had been in declining health for about a year. This episode was not as painful or hard to accept for my family or myself as I had long expected it to be. It was peaceful. I hope to live so long and provide so much.
  • I found out lots of interesting stuff about my dad's side of the family, which he never talks about of his own volition.
  • My 'little' brother went around South America, graduated from Oxford and moves up to London some time in the next few days.
  • I bought a new phone! And some shoes. And a new bag, which Blackpawn spilt orange juice on but it's all good! And a Mega Drive! And a camera! (Calms down)
  • Doom 3 came out and is really rather excellent, although it's tempting me to get a new GPU.
  • I discovered a delicious brand of frozen chicken pies.
  • I went to a Prom! (Not in the American sense, non-pipelink-readers.)
  • I am still working on my website.
  • I found out that love really exists.

Right, that's the stock-taking out of the way for another year. Tomorrow I'm going to another trade show (it's, like, such a run of the mill event these days, you know?) where I will hopefully get to play Metroid Prime 2 Echoes and Resident Evil 4, along with some other stuff. If I get time I might even report back here. Catch yuz later!