Classic series of motorbike racing games by Electronic Arts. Debutted on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991. Utilised a pseudo-3D effect similar to Hang On, but with the addition of rolling hills, traffic, and fairly smooth scaling. The gameplay was based around a career mode where you had to enter a series of illegal races, where punching and clubbing your opponents was allowed, and hitting the tarmac could result in the cops catching up with you (cue comedy sequence of running back to your bike and righting it as the sirens gradually get louder...). You could use your prize money to buy new bikes.

The second game was basically a more polished version of the original (typical of EA), but introduced an excellent 2-player mode. The third game arrived on a number of platforms at around the time of the ill-fated first wave of CD-ROM based machines (such as the 3DO and the Philips CD-i). The engine was also used for the inferior skateboarding game Skitchin'. The music was by Rob Hubbard.