A cannibal-infested island Deep in the Carribean.

Also, a series of humourous graphic adventure games released between 1990 and 2000 by LucasArts Entertainment Company (formerly LucasFilm Games). The brainchild of Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion), although he departed from LucasArts after the second game. The brilliance of the series is not down to Gilbert alone - it is the SCUMM engine that he helped to create that makes the games possible, and numerous writers, designers and animators have added their own unique contributions to the series. (Some prominent Monkey contributors include Tim Schafer, Aric Wilmunder, Dave Grossman, Sean Clark, Michael Stemmle, Jonathan Ackley, Larry Ahern, Steve Purcell, Michael Z. Land, James Dollar, Sean Turner, and Dominic Armato as the voice of Guybrush Threepwood).

The series so far: