The coolest TV show in the world, created a trippy, Tolkienesque artificial world years before virtual reality was invented and before computer games or special effects were really ready for the job.

A guy called Treguard (who owned Knightmare castle) would invite teams of 5 adventurers (nearly always pre-pubescent males - and geeks) to explore the three-level dungeon, which was created out of matte paintings and freaky, custom built CG effects. One guy was blindfolded (with the Helmet of Justice) and was led around 'by remote' by the team watching him on a monitor. You also got a satchel to carry food and items, and were challenged to answer three questions by a 'wall monster' (the first one was called Granitas). After several series it started to degenerate into dullness. They kept trying to add new stuff (a dragon, more reqular characters, external locations) but it only served to show how cheap the program was. The cool Cosgrove Hall animated intro was replaced with CG wank. Soon after, the show was canceled, and Treguard, Pickle and the rest returned to their old jobs (at Poundstretcher, Burger King, etc.).

Also gave us the catchphrase : "The only way is onward - there is no turning back."