Q: That's a high reputation for a daylog isn't it?

A: This writeup used to be located under the title George W. Bush. It was moved for reasons unknown by Dem Bones, presumably when consumed by a sudden frenzy of feeble-minded jingoism. I am satisfied in the knowledge that well over a hundred people have read the following rant and responded positively, and don't mind overmuch that Bones has attempted to censor it by moving it here. It's kind of a goofy rant anyway, if I cared more about the ins and outs of politics I would have given a rundown of the vast number of insane, chilling and frequently absurd crimes that Dubya has commited. But as I'm more of a shoot-from-the-hip kind of noder, I settled with pointing out that he's a thick, violent scumfuck who looks like a monkey.

George W. Bush needs to be removed from power as expediently as possible, and the political system that allowed him and his band of warmongering defence contractors to seize control of the US government needs to be radically reformed. The mounting thousands that are being slaughtered at the behest of this amoral thug will be the shame of our generation.

Avoid highly selective whitewash

Failed oilman and amoral bloodthirsty despotic anti-choice drink-driving illiterate fratboy coke-head puppet imbecile George W. Bush is viewed with disdain by many people in Europe (including even some government officials), with his rejection of the Kyoto Protocol and his juvenile and wholly inappropriate fumblings at foreign policy and diplomacy (which reached their nadir as of this writing with the execrable and delusional Axis of Evil speech -- update: his illegal, profit-motivated, unprovoked murdering spree in Iraq) being the primary bones of contention.

I don't solely dislike Bush for his persistent bowing and scraping to his corporate masters, or his vaguely-defined, defence-industry-appeasing warmongering. There is also the matter of his breath-taking hypocrisy (he proudly plays the bible-thumping Creationist throwback*, while citing 'scientific proof' that global warming doesn't exist; he harps on about free trade while imposing steel tariffs because the American steel industry is unwilling to modernise), and his base anti-intellectualism (of course, anyone who disagrees with him is a pinko liberal Commie Mekon). I don't argue with his views on most other areas of policy (not connected with corporate money and approval ratings in some way) because he has no opinion on them either.

There is also the issue of his woeful sense of humour (remember when he was booed on Letterman, or joked about sending a woman to the electric chair? Or that howler when he shot an endangered bird and couldn't get its name right?). And his face, with it's freshly-lobotomised-terrier expression, or his smile that taunts every right-thinking person: "Look at me! I'm an inarticulate man-weasel and I managed to buy an election! I'm gonna go bomb some A-rabs! H'yuck!"

Of course the media, which unashamedly promoted Bush's election snatch (if you're thinking "Why are you still going on about this?" then well done, you've been taught what to think by CNN!) have developed some lines of argument defending his crashing ineptitude from criticism.

The first is "he may be a spineless money-grubbing puppet, but he's at least hired a team of people who know what they're doing". If by 'know what they're doing' you mean 'plotting a sinister campaign of violence, fear and profiteering through beating the shit out of any country with weapons more advanced than a tin opener' then fair enough. Take Donald "I whack off to Tom Clancy novels" Rumsfeld for example. Yargh! A man who calls anyone who thinks nuking the fuck out of them thar towelheads is a tad extreme a "shrill liberal"? A man who is euphemistically described in the papers as a 'hawk', presumably based on said bird of prey's penchant for eating babies?

The second line is "although he manages to fuck up even the simplest sentence, this doesn't mean he's a moron". This would be true if Bush's gaffes were merely due to a speech impediment, but so many of them belie a lack of understanding and some hideously callous and greedy beliefs that bubble to the surface at the wrong moment, that he can't get off the hook that easily. Sometimes behind an uncouth, bumbling facade there lies an actual idiot.

Another slightly less credible media take is that the events of September the 11th have shown what he is 'really' capable of. This of course is bollocks, as he used the terrorist attack politically in the only way he knew how- as an excuse. An excuse to allow pointless and misguided killing of innocents, and to distract attention from or to justify any amount of democratically questionable actions. Terry Pratchett explains the principle best in his book Thief of Time: "Remember-The-Atrocity-That-Was-Commited-Against-Us-Last-Time That-Will-Excuse-The-Atrocity-We're-About-to-Commit-To-Day! And So On! Hurrah!"

George W. Bush epitomises all the worst and most objectionable beliefs, traits and character flaws available to civilisation today. He is a wholly evil excuse for a man, and totally incapable of rational thought.

In spite of all this, I suspect that Bush will get re-elected, simply because it seems impossible in this day and age for a president to run for only one term (unless they do something really unpopular like raise taxes). And of course because most of the population of Middle America are spectaculary, world-beatingly stupid.

This write-up is based on opinion and is meant to reflect the reality that Bush is seen as a poorly qualified, corrupt and outright dangerous man to hold such a powerful position by many people, and that more can be said about him than would be allowed on a state-approved Know Our Presidents flashcard.

*It has been pointed out that even ridiculously fundamentalist Christian beliefs as Bush's are not automatically incompatible with science. But in any case you'd better be able to afford a plane ticket if you're a US citizen needing stem cell-based medical treatment.