It has been brought to my attention that one Mr. Don Red, an American gentleman of some infamy, will be visiting the British Empire from Tuesday the 21st of January 2003, up until such point at Her Majesty's convenience whenceforth his services will no longer be required, or are exhausted, whichever is the sooner.

To mark this 'special' occasion, the fine upstanding body of men, women, cats and monkeys known collectively as 'Britnoders' have been requested to gather at a public house to regale Mr. Don Red with stories of their exploits, and to consume alcoholic beverages and exotic vittles from the Indian subcontinent and other places.

The date:
Friday 24th January 2003, 1730Hrs onwards
The venue:
Penderel's Oak
283-287 High Holborn
London WC1V 7PF
tel: 020-7242-5669
nearest tubes: Chancery Lane, Holborn

Backup plan: Knights Templar, Chancery Lane WC2A 1DT

Criteria was a pub in the vicinity of Central London with cheap beer. Suggestions welcome, including backup plans and directions (feel free to post below). Also, attendees should try to have the phone number of someone else involved in case of last minute changes.

Definite*: donfreenut, pandora, strawberryfrog, kidas, frankie, TheLady, iocane, great neb, catchpole

Maybe: fondue, ascorbic, oolong, tiefling, Gritchka, trembling, just_tom

Thank you, but no: booyaa (work), wyldwynd, spiregrain ('he's' a 'broad', I mean, abroad), call (in Ireland), wertperch, CatherineB, tallroo, Teiresias, bariau, Hexter (school on Saturday morning- the freak! ;), Ponder

Please /msg britnoders, join and /msg britnoders, /msg me, or put your head out of a window and shout for more info.

*Until proven otherwise.

Don (real name Eric) can be reached on 001 617 669 3526. Apparently.