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Of course, the topic of [time-travel] being used to make the [time-traveller] look cool has been explored in [H.G. Wells], and the [Back to the Future] films. But generally, [sci-fi] has had the "awed person(s) from the past" coming from 50 years ago or more. I think that it's at good indication that we've made [technological progress] (if not much other kind...) that there are so many things we didn't have 10 years ago.

For this little trick, we'll need a [Sony Vaio], a recent [mobile phone], some [newspapers], a [DVD] drive, and copies of [Quake 3 Arena], [The Matrix], [Linux] (distro of your choice), a bunch of [audio CDs], possibly a [Palm] or a [Gameboy Advance]. And [everything 2] of course.

[What would people from the 1980's think if Everything was all they had?]