A brand of ice cream (owned by Walls I think) that was popular in the early Nineties. Flavours included Mint Choc Chip, Toffee Fudge, Choc and Nut and Tutti Frutti. Advertised on television with a jaunty song sung in an outrageous Italian accent ("Take-a Gino home with you! Gino, Oh Gino Ginelli!"). I'm not sure if you can still buy it, but if you can, here are my thoughts on the various flavours I can remember.

Mint Choc Chip: Pretty standard green ice cream with tiny splinters of dark chocolate. A bit too minty for my liking.

Toffee Fudge: The jewel in the Ginelli crown, excellent khaki-coloured ice cream with high quantities of small square pellets of toffee. For best results slurp away the ice cream and retain as many fudge pieces in mouth as possible, resulting in large chewy fudge ball.

Choc and Nut: When Garth Elgar mentions the ice cream flavour 'Pralines and Dick' in the movie Wayne's World, he might have had this in mind. Flavourless white ice cream with chocolate ripple, and tiny shards of peanut, usually burnt to a foul-tasting charcoal.

Tutti Frutti: I don't think we ever bought this one, but Gino's outrageous Italian stereotype proclaims it to be "what a cutie!" so it might be good.