Really short, really odd ...

Part One : A whole bunch of stuff vaguely connected to the computer game American McGee's Alice (which has some memorable visuals to say the least). Exit stage left to ...

Part Two : I'm walking down the street, when who should I chance upon but Gnarl. He's leaning on some railings.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I've just come back from an art course," he replies, "say, did you ever read that book about that guy, Seamus Wainwright (I think that's what he said) who went to pathology courses although he'd never had any medical training?"

I told him No, I'd never heard of it.

"Well, there was a satirical version which is the same, except at the end you find out the guy's name is Seamus Poo Wainwright Poo. It's pretty funny."

At this point I notice the empty bottle dangling from his hand, his palid complexion and the way he's using the fence for support.

"You're drunk aren't you?"

"I may be, I may be. Yesh. But. You are listening to my words of wisdom." (at which point I woke up)

Stay outta my fucking dream!