An RPG for the Super Nintendo. A game that, for many, epitomises what is right and good about console RPGs, and even in this age of FMV and 128-bit technology is still awe-inspiring in its design. It is brimming with fantastic art and effects, a compelling story, atmospheric music and characters you really care about (even when they seem to have a bit too little to say...).

This is probably Square's best ever all-round game prior to FF9. It's a toss-up between this and FF6. Personally, I prefer CT - it isn't held back by as much legacy crap as the FF series. The sequel is Chrono Cross, although, this doesn't have the same story (as per usual).

Easily one of the ten best console games of all time.

(Also, the only SNES game I've ever seen that contains a joke about oral sex. How they got that past Nintendo's censors I don't know.)