/me baulks at the lack of a decent writeup about the film. For shame!

Sega Mega Drive
Developed by Probe Entertainment
Published by Virgin/Arena/Acclaim

Absolutely run-of-the-mill platform shooter using the same engine as The Terminator, Judge Dredd, Incredible Hulk, et al. Interesting in that it deviates more widely than usual from the plot of the film it is based on (i.e. giving Ripley access to an impressive arsenal of weaponry). Unusually for Probe, little effort seems to have been taken to match the look of the movie either, which is surprising considering how well suited the MD's limited palette would be to matching the grimy feel of the movie's derelict lead works.

Gameplay is made more frustrating by the frequency with which the Alien drones are allowed cheap shots, immobilising Ripley for seconds at a time. A well crafted product, but one that has almost nothing to differentiate it from the legions of similar games out there (many of which are from the same stable). Very Amiga-ish.