I was in Rochester, New York, and I was hanging out with some friends that I hold dear to me. We were at a bar, when all of the sudden a girl died sitting with her friends. I wasnt sure how she died but she did. I immediatly saw the reactions of her friends and I felt that I had to do something so, I tried everything that I knew to save her but it was too late. So I went home and tried to devise a plan. Through a lot of planning I found that I could find portals in certain times and places, to get me to a certain epicenter of soul and life. When I got there I saw tons of death and and beauty. It was after this expierience that I could now understand. People who hold a certain person so dear to thier hearts want that forever if at all possible. So I talked to these people about how they felt about her friend that died at the bar and it was excrutiating the amount of of love that they had for her. Since I now had this power I was going to try and bring her back. SO I entered a portal at ellison park at around 10:30 pm I got to exactly where I wanted to be. I saw her there. I took her soul and charged it like a battery. We both walked back through the portal and I took her home she had no clue.