We seem to be covering the issue of assumptions we make about each other's genitals. I'll be happy to play.

Vaginal Depth

Men, you should be happy about this one. It scores a point for the "size dosn't matter" arguemt. The vagina is only 3.5-4 inches in depth on average. This increases slightly when the uterus lifts during sexual excitement. In other words: don't think what every woman craves is 12 inches.


Dispite popular belief, woman can urinate standing up. It requires a slight amount of pressure on either side of the urethra. I actually only tried this a couple times, and it has given me newfound respect for men's ability to somewhat reliably hit the toilet. In direct reply to xunker's It's obvious you've never owned a penis, women can contol the speed of urination (at least I can).

Women actually have a surprising amount of trouble hitting the toilet themselves when engaging in "hovering behavior"(see Why must girls squat to pee?). I was unfortunatly exposed to this phenomenon when I lived in a woman's dorm for three years. I implore all women who hover to do what I do when peeing in a public place: lift the toilet seat. We expect men to do it, and it's not like you're sitting on it. Keep it nice and clean for those brave non-hoverers.

Vaginal Odors: They are natural

The vagina does not smell bad. Women do not need to deodorize it. If a vagina smells bad it points to improper washing, the wearing of tight, binding underwear (which prevent natural sweating), or vaginal disease. I have large issues with the array of vaginal deoderants on the market. They are actually very bad for the vagina as they upset the deliacte balance of pH. A woman's vagina has a smell - and that is natural and okay.

The G-spot

Yes, it does exist. It is not a figment of your imagination. Embrace it.

The clitoris

The clitoris is essential to female sexual enjoyment. It is analogous to the nerves at the head of the penis, as they were once the very same bundle of nerves. Sigmund Freud called clitoral orgasm "immature". I remind you that it's obvious he didn't own a vagina.

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