But the fact remains that the majority of men are mainly interested in attractive girls of normal weight.

I'd say that just about *everyone* is only interested in attractive people.

The problem is that attractive does not mean the people TV tells you are attractive. It's possibly true that the majority of men are only interested in women who are of normal weight (though I suspect most don't care too much so long as she is within a weight range that doesn't significantly impact her life (e.g., I think if a woman is small enough that she can, say, fit in a movie theatre seat, a good number of men won't have a problem with it)), but let's not pretend that there's only one definition of attractive. My definition of attractive includes people who look like people on TV, people who are overweight, people who are underweight, those who are muscular, those who are scrawny.. A group of girls who are "overweight" and "ugly" (i.e., who you and/or the media find ugly - what does that mean? big noses? no makeup or hairstyling? a giant scar covering her whole face?) are not people who I (and others) would necessarily have no desire to approach. It is so much about the individual, not categories.

Don't assume that a woman who is over an average weight is not approached by men. In my experience as a woman, I was quite curvy.. I weighed about 170 at the lowest (though, to be fair, I was also considerably more muscular than the average woman) and had porn starish proportions, only larger. I wore sexy clothes. I got huge amounts of attention. I dated the alpha individuals. Anyone approaching me with the idea that, as an overweight chick, I would settle for them (and there were a couple..) would be laughed at. The fact is, almost all girls get hit on, often way more than they'd like, fatness or ugliness notwithstanding, but like viterbiSearcher and prole say, they'll likely know someone who's scheming when they meet one and will not settle emotionally.