Part of the set of mediocre schools within the California State University system; one of the few not titled CSU -location-. Founded in 1899. One of the few schools offering degree(s) in Human Sexuality (having a Master's Degree programme and the option to minor in it as an undergraduate.)
The school's top ten undergrad majors are Business Administration, Psychology, Liberal Studies, Computer Science, Biology, the very competative Radio & T.V., English, the also competative Cinema, Art, and, strangely enough, Kinesiology.
SFSU is located in Southern San Francisco, the school mascot is the 'Gator and school colours are purple and gold. Its motto is "Experientia Docet" ("Experience Teaches.")

This is no middle-class white male-dominated university; of 26,826 students as of Fall 2000, only 39% were men, 35.6% reported their ethnicity as "white non-hispanic", and the school has strong differently abled and GLBT presences. One can major in La Raza Studies, Black Studies, Asian American Studies or the well-respected Women's Studies programme. The student centre is named after Ceaser Chavez and the plaza outside of it (mostly occupied by people using their skateboards or sitting around smoking and talking on cell phones) is called Malcolm X Plaza (with a mural of both these figures on the outside wall, including the quote "Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality By Any Means Necessary" and a depictation of the African continent with a black United States shape within it on Malcolm's part of the mural.)