I think it would be fair to say that in fact that the opposite (of the node title) is true; as lioncub alluded, not many men are actually attracted to lesbians per se, and I know of very few men who look at someone and think that she's a lesbian and that she's hot (they'll think she's a lesbian if she looks butch and usually think she's attractive if she looks femme, in which case they have little reason to assume she's a lesbian unless, say, she's walking down the street with her partner - and let's face it, men can be pretty dense even in situations such at those.)

The difference is that women are attracted to gay men and men are attracted to women they find attractive having sex with each other. Women will be turned on by and fall for Real Live Gay Men(tm), whereas men will jerk-off to pornstars licking each other in ways that are quite likely not even pleasurable; that is not a portrayal of lesbianism, regardless of the gender attraction of those performing the act (which, incidentally, in the case of pornstars, quite often identify themselves as bisexual when asked.)