In the Philippines, a white lady is a certain kind of aswang or ghost, which seems to be a more recent invention than the manananggal, for example. The white lady is typically encountered when you're driving on a deserted street late at night.

The white lady is usually depicted to be wearing a white dress (thus the name), and has very long hair. She is alternately described as having a very beautiful face, and hideously ugly.

In some stories, she hurls herself in front of your car. But when you stop and get out of the car, she is not there any more. Sometimes, she is walking down the street, and suddenly disappears.

Whatever she does though, a few minutes later, you will find that she is sitting beside you in the car.

White ladies are commonly encountered late at night in deserted highways, especially the route from Manila to Baguio. Balete Drive in Quezon City is known for being haunted by this ghost.

I have lived at Balete Drive for a number of years, I have never encountered this strange creature... but when we need to go out of the house late at night, we always go out in pairs, just in case.