While mathematics is a way to have your name immortalized, I beg to disagree that music and literature will become just irrelevant pieces of "ancient history." The very best literature and music transcends time.

More people read the Iliad than you think. I've read (an English translation of) the Iliad, and I liked it. And it still influences great writers to this day.

George Bush might get lost in historical obscurity, but who will forget Alexander the Great, or Napoleon, or even Hitler?

And while people might someday forget Britney Spears and Michael Jackson (though how can anybody forget Michael Jackson?), the works of Mozart will live on for a long long time.

I regret that it is not likely I will live to see my predictions come true, but I foresee that in 10 000 years time, you will find that these names will still be familiar: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare. The Bible will still be a venerable document. But Andrew Wiles will likely be just a footnote in some mathematical textbook.