what are the thoughts of a deaf person like? they must be somehow more pure than the rest of the hearing populace's, not tainted by the abuse of clichés and vulgar words. of course, i am refering to people who are born deaf and have never heard a spoken word. when most people think, we tend to think through words. exactly how does one process thought without words?

i can recall being in situations where i had to think quickly and i managed to do so without employing rational and logical thought through words. i assume that situations such as these will provide me with the closest and most perosonal answer to my question.

words tend to get in the way sometime, and i wish i could think without them. eventually, a deaf person does become familiar with words and relates them to certain objects, feelings, etc., but do they ever really relinquish their hold on the unliteral thought? even if i met a person who was deaf i doubt i could express this question correctly.

the words just defile it.