As I understand it, or how it has been explained to me, fruitarianism is simply abstaining from killing anything in order to eat it. This would exclude the consumption of meat, vegetables, grains, and dairy products. Here is the opportunity for people who claim that vegetarians eat "only vegetables" for truthfully, fruitarians eat only fruit (including the vegetable fruits and perhaps nuts & seeds).

Picking an apple off a tree is not a violation of fruitarian ethics because you are not killing the tree to satsify your hunger. Here's what Tord Ă…redal said about this exchange on the website

"The fruit tree gives me my food and I give back the seeds to nature so other trees can grow."

It is said that those who follow a fruitarian diet do not have any serious medical ailments, although this seems impossible with what appears to be a insufficient diet. I can see how one can receive enough protein, but fullfilling other requirements would be rough.

Of course, not all fruitarians think and eat the same--just as vegetarians hold different ideals of the proper diet so do these fruit luvin' fools.

Apologies to TheLady: I didn't see you had beaten me to the explanation.