the artificial light from the lamp-post
burned my eyes. i think
i thought it not a sin
to stand outside your window

and silently guard you
and remove all your freedom
until you grasped at the sunlight
like a starving cockroach.

lovely, i would mutter
as you shuttered under
the cold and watchful glare which
i reserved for you--on1y you.

and sweetly i would wrap
my strangling claws around
your oh-so-vicarious existence
until i could control you like a little puppet.

and this would never happen
because you saw it in my     eyes,
standing beneath that lamp-post
which betrayed my desire

(a desire i was so ashamed to admit
i possesed, but which i nevertheless
fed with your innocence)

for one so perfect, one so marvelous...
and then i felt my little world
lose all purpose, lose all purity when,
without a glance back, you turned

...and ran from me...