I am not in possession of what would be called a "perfect" body. Then again, I doubt anyone is. I'm not morbidly obese, and I'm not waifly skinny. I can sit back, comfortable with my moderate size, and relax. I also get to philosophize about the plights of those to the right and left of me. So I continue...

I've noticed that much of the media place the blame of most eating disorders on the slight figures of today's models. Granted, most of these models probably do have at least one, if not numerous, dysfunctional eating manners. It's the models or the actresses or the musicians who are just naturally skinny that I feel sympathy for. I'm sure they must endure horrible personal blame for what society has told them, and what they may have come to believe, is their fault--the ruin of the public's self-image and the mental problems of uncountable people. There are people who simply cannot be fat unless they compromise their healthy eating habits and succomb to the wiles of the fast food and junk food that dominates our society.

These people don't have a voice in the media. When a person in showbusiness is thin, many pass the judgement of "anorexic" or "bullemic" instantly without thinking that the person might just be skinny. A double standard exists--I've heard image counselors on popular television shows and in various publications state that no matter how hard they try, some people are just not genetically able to be skinny. This is true, but it works both ways. I know people who could eat constantly everyday of their lives and not gain a pound. That's just the way their metabolism is.

Never assume that just because someone does not have the same problems you have their life is instantly better.