i told myself, and was content with this conclusion, that if you never spoke once more to me, never felt it necessary to share your beautifully intricate thoughts with me again, that all these acts left hanging, balanced by indecision and reality until there is no where to go but to stay frozen in a snow globe of my own making... all this would not matter because what little you've given me is already so much more than i had hoped for, could ever dream i deserved.

    but you spoke,   ,...,., and words and works were so powerful, greater even that they were small, the motives behind so amazingly thoughtful so as to make up for their seemingly inferior outcomes.. and--oh, i think the world can never see what you do to me or what you could do to them if they only let you sneak around inside their mind, freely wondering as you do in mine.

simple words seem so unworthy


i'm falling apart and

never wish to fall together unless it's with you. YOU

  • are the reason i write
  • are, to me, perfect
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  • thoughts thoughts a mi11ion flowing thoughts and you're swirling around in them,,.,.,.,,.
    please, never be a victim to your own sea of splendor.

    and can you be the one to finally hold me.. ?