relief from thoughts of you,
found near a lake
where sometimes centipedes are the only keepers of time.

so many words, written once, & now i am silent amongst the greater wisdom of trees.

is there reason for escaping here, into select atmosphere, that i would fabricate an eulogy equal to your marvelous existence? only 5 lines, and this prologue written in recompense, serve as closing credits to such an extensive drama.

what's required is only a quick death, & this i gladly grant.

someday.. i'll see you. we'll be older, perhaps wiser. these things will be lost in clouded memory. we will see eyes & hands for what they truly are, not what we wished them to be. until then... a final thought:

HERE is found conclusion-
not forgetting,
but accepting those parts of me made present by you
& loving you still,
as though this were never true.

(shouldn't there be more? i was certain there'd be more.. and tears and resistance, raging against the end. somehow, it's troubling that this is so easy, that words are not sharp enough to elicit remorse. but no,, i leave all painful remembrance to fading.)

..thoughts seeming always so much more than reality.