I realize that the majority of the generation preceeding mine is not as computer-savvy, but there are some things they say and do that just make me want to stick my head into a vat of boiling pig's feet then hurl myself headfirst at the ignoramuses. I have heard/seen the following situation too many times:

And we'll just stick that information up there on the screen. If you want to know more you can log onto our website and the address for that is information@localnewschannel.com.

This is not a website! Do not confuse those who are as lost as you! I know there are people who type the aforementioned address into the location bar and are baffled as to why a website does not magically appear.

This irks me to insanity. Please, please, please--if you are one of the offenders realize that you can change your ways (and educate others in the process)! I am in no way perfect, but I've achieved some level of sufficiency in areas because I learned from my mistakes. Do the world a favor and do the same.

If any of this comes off as sounding mean, I'm sorry...but it just annoys me...