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well i just talked to the doctor today about why my arms keep falling asleep, and he says its because i might have this weird syndrome called Thorasic outlet syndrome. if thats spelled wrong i'm sorry, the doc's handwriting is a little like sanskrit. what happens with this syndrome is there's a cervical rib (once again, i'm NOT a doctor so i appologize if i've made an error in the terms) that's near my collarbone and when i raise my arms above my head it cuts off the circulation to my arms and hands. most people dont have this extra "rib" as he calls it, and it's a very rare occurance. basically it sucks, but it's not detrimental. although if i were to fall alseep sometime wiht my arms over my head there's a possibility that the blood thats trapped in my arms will begin to thicken and when it travels back to my heart and lungs, it can do some pretty serious damage. i'm going in tomorrow to have a chest x-ray done, and if he's right about it all, i might have to have surgery. yuck!! well i guess i'd rather have surgery than fuck my lungs up right? we'll see how it goes...