well, i just finished watching toy story 2, and might i say it's a damn funny movie! the out takes at the end are the best i think. i laughed more in the five munites of the out takes than i did throughout the entire movie. i laughed so hard that my checks almost went numb and my shoulders hurt. i love laughing that hard once in a while. funny shit!!

well today went well, i found out my score on my sociology test that i took last week... let's just say that i need to get a damn good score on my final to get a "B" in the class. i guess i cant complain too much, i mean the only reading that i did was a few of the chapter reviews, which dont actualy help that much believe it or not,and i didnt study my notes. i cant expect a grade above a "D" for basically not doing any work whatsoever. either way i AM gonna read this time which is what i'm actually about to go do once i'm finished with this.

which is not just yet....
so i talked to my girlfriend last night for just over three hours. thats a long time!! however it's just shy of my friends phone time record of 3 hours 45 minutes. so close and yet so far.
actually it doesnt really matter that much. we've had much longer conversations than 3 hours 45 minutes. we've spent the entire night talking before, and thats in person too; much more meaningful. now thats not to say that i dont enjoy talkking on the phone to becky, because sometimes that's all we get. anyways, i get to talk to her tomorrow nihgt, and am i excited? hell yeah i am. it might sound stupid, but when you dont get to see her for two weeks at a time, you tend to make the little things count more. anyways, study time..... ewww!!