Talk about your high quality weekends, well this was one of them. Friday night we had huge snow/ice storm and my girlfriend “had” to stay over. Two words for that one: FUCKIN’ ERICA!!! That’s all I’ll say about that one. Hehe. I also bought some new clothes, a sweet new hoodie that has a nice big dragon on the back, and some new t-shirts. Although I’m afraid that my girlfriend will try and steal the new shirts, at least one I think. They’re nice looking on me, but they look so much better on her. I think that it’s a one of those unwritten rules about how they (women, and girlfriends in particular) look better in guys’ clothes than the guys do. It sucks too, because then they steal your clothes, and always your favorites too. Damn I hate that. Oh well, not much you can do about it.

But, I talked to my mom about my arms, and the supposed Thorasic Outlet Syndrome this weekend too. She was actually more upset over the fact that I didn’t tell her right away. Not that she didn’t care about it all, but she would rather it that I had told her sooner. At least I didn’t tell her that I had told Becky before her. That would have gotten me into some serious shit with that one. Oh man would it have!!! I think she’s having a had enough time letting go of her “little boy” to this girl, let alone my telling my girlfriend before my mother about my health conditions.

No news as of yet about my arms though, I still have to talk to my insurance company and find a new doctor, and that can take up to a month to take effect. That’s a BOO on that one. I have to wait till the 30th to talk to that other doctor, the vascular surgeon, and he most likely is not even on my plan so I probably will have to cancel that appointment. Yet again another BOO. I'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.