so my damn car broke today. that sucked, needless to say. and whats worse is that i'm in the midst of trying to sell the stupid thing.
so i was about half way to work this morning, and a sound that i had been hearing for the past few days, became more annoying and also more disturbing. my car was in the midst of a breakdown!! boo! this was actually my first real breakdown. i had to pull into a Discount Tire Co, parking lot and call up my roomate to see if i could get a ride to work. so i get a ride to and from work, which i can only hope that i can get it agian tomorrow as well, because i HAVE NO CAR!!!! i still have no idea how i'm going to get to work tomorrow. i might have to call in and see if i can not come in. but fat chance that will happen. oh well, i just hope that i can get home, seeing as how we'll be kicked out of the dorms this saturday at 10 am!!!!! oh well, we'll see what happens.