what a mind fuck. i just got back from the vascular surgeon tonight and he seems to think that i do infact need to have surgery to get gid of my thoracic outlet syndrome. after getting the x-rays back from the other doctor, i was under the impression that because the cervical ribs that the x-rays would have shown, are not there, i wouldnt have to have surgery. NOT THE CASE. DAMMIT!!! so now i have to go talk to some other doctors and get thier input, to see if i really do have to have the surgery or if there's anything else i can have done to fix it.

well, what ever does happen, i know that i will be in good hands. when i was talking to my girlfriend about it, she assured me that if i were to go in to have surgery, she'll be right next to me both right before i have it done, and right as i wake up from it. that's a wonderful feeling. and as my good friend yablo says: "sigh"