I was very very fortunate in that I managed to have every Deltic for haulage between 1975 and 1979.The three real special ones being Meld as this loco was my first ever Deltic
and the other two being St Paddy and Nimbus,I was real lucky
with 55,001 as she was withdrawn six months later.I remember
when I found out the first two had been withdrawn,I was flicking through the January Rail Magazine in W.H.Smiths in
Sunderland and I happened to notice in the stock change section.I remember my blood ran cold,you see to me these mighty locomotives were immortal I simply couldn't comprehend
why British Rail would want to scrap them.I was only fourteen
at the time,it was after they had gone the horror stories came
out about noise/draughts/over-complex engines/nightmares to
work on/.To me they were the greatest in fact they still are
I was lucky enough to see the Western Talisman and the Western
Finale railtours when 1023 reached York,for me to have imagined that within 2 years of them tours the Deltics would
be getting scrapped was to much to contemplate.Anyway like I said earlier I was lucky to get them all for haulage and we did manage to cab quite a few,those were the days.Loco hauled
Flying Scotsman.