I remember the class 40s very well,I live in Hartlepool well I
did then and there were class forties aplenty.The late goods
train which called at the station between 20,00 and 20,30 was
nearly always a Forty.The winter was the best time to hear this as it could be heard through out the town.It was in 1975
when I started to travel the Main lines,The Deltics were of course the primary targets.However the whistlers were always good for a Newcastle to Liverpool/Manchester.These engines were no slouches either despite been overweight for their power output,you would be very hard put to tell the difference
between a forty and a forty seven pulling away from Darlington
with ten or so packed coaches.I had only one class forty failure and that was on a Merry-maker from Newcastle to Southport in 1977.Our rostered forty failed between Darlington
and York,after about one hour and a few attempts at pulling away.A rescue forty was tied on the front,there we were double
headed for my first time.The first forty did manage to start up again so we had 4000 hp between York and Southport and return.The noise was incredible,it turned out to be a good day
as we managed to ride the old EMUs from the old Liverpool Exchange station before it closed about two months later.