I'm feeling pretty good for a change.

Chicago had another beautiful day, reaching up to 90 degrees away from the lake. I got to wander around downtown for a bit, both before and after my job interview. This was interview #2 for me at this company, and I did well enough that I have a fucking job now. Five months of unemployment was really starting to get me down.

The kicker is that I even have a few weeks to relax and enjoy spring before I start. They told me to expect the offer letter late next week, and I'd likely be starting a week or two after that. So I have a few weeks to get back on a normal sleep schedule, buy some new work clothes, and generally bum around being a happy person instead of the depressed motherfucker that I've been for the last few months.

Also got my taxes out of the way, along with sending a CARE package off to my friend Jen, who moved to New Orleans a few weeks ago. Apparently she can't find Lawry's Salsa Mix anywhere in the city, so I've sent her a few packages, along with a Heathers DVD that my DVD player wasn't able to play.

I don't get to be a non-depressed person very often. I really appreciate it when Fate sends such an opportunity along my way.