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Despite its reputation as a place where natives grow webbed feet, less precipitation falls here than in many Eastern United States towns like Chicago and New York. I think what causes the reputation is the fact that for 9 months of the year, we have tin grey skies and a light mist -- just enough to cause a little melancholy for those who are susceptible. Average rainfall is between 30 and 40 inches. Temperatures are moderated by the Puget Sound, and storms are moderated by the Olympic Mountains which shield the sound from major storms from the west. Snowstorms are very infrequent in the winter, and temperatures over 95 degrees are very infrequent in the summer. All in all, a lovely environment.
  • Wettest Months: November through December, averaging about 6 inches per month
  • Driest Months: June through August, averaging a little over 1 inch/month
  • Warmest Month: August, averaging about 75 high, 55 low
  • Coolest Months: December and January, averaging 45 high, 35 low


One of the reasons to move here. The Puget Sound Basin is amazingly beautiful country. Carved out by the last Ice Age and kept interesting by the fault lines...Anyway:

Puget SoundLake WashingtonOlympic MountainsMount Rainier

The Neighborhoods

Because of the particular geography of Seattle -- that is, there are big swaths that are difficult to get to from other swaths -- the neighborhoods used to be very different from each other. Now, with the Belltownification of Seattle, everything's dissolving into the same look: Thrown-up pastel condos. See Seattle while it still has a shred of interest, kids...

NorthgateBallardWallingfordUniversity DistrictFremontQueen AnneBelltownCapitol HillDowntownPioneer SquareInternational DistrictRanier ValleyWest Seattle

Higher Edjumacation

Just a few here...But I'm probably not remembering them all. /msg me, folks.

University of WashingtonSeattle Pacific UniversitySeattle UniversityCornish College of the ArtsArt Institute Of Seattle

Seattle Culture, Happenings, & Attractions

Coffee. And being polite. Okay, it may not be limited to only that. There's also complaining about Californians...

The Battle of SeattleSeattle Mardi GrasSeattle's Best CoffeeSeattle BandsBumbershootSpace NeedleSeattle CenterSeattle Monorail

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