Well, server time, it's well past the 22nd, and local time it's just now ending. Anyway...

Really bad fscking day for Seattle. I hate to say it, but I think this city which has been my home for the last 5 years -- and the first place where I've honestly felt I have a place, even if that feeling is receding -- is in for some very, very rough times. The Boeing Corporation announced this morning that they are moving their corporate headquarters. No warning. No reason given. Assurances were made that they'd keep all the r & d and manufacturing here; that they were only moving corporate in order to be closer to the center of their operations.

As my dad said when we were discussing it, "bullshit." This move makes no sense except as a precursor to withdrawl of production from the Puget Sound. 500 employees, an insignificant fraction of the around 300,000 employed by Boeing, every one of which could jump on a plane and be anywhere in the US in hours, being moved around 1000 miles just to be "closer to more of the business"?

It makes me a little sick...This region absolutely relies on Boeing for blue and white collar jobs alike. 70,000 people in this region are employed by that monster. Given the fact that manufacturing is already beginning to be shipped out to other countries, the land south of Seattle which is almost completely owned by Boeing is worth a very, very large fortune, and the commercial aircraft business is flat, it makes sense for them to move elsewhere.

It's just going to kill this city.

Sigh. I wonder if Portland will have me after I gradjumacate.

Anyway, little of note personally. The ringing in my ears has finally stopped, only 20 hours after the Mogwai concert ended.

And I keep worrying that it was wrong to throw away that eCrush email. I just wish the person would just come out and fucking email me him/her (but I hope her) self.