now, for an amazing day rendered in 3 (bad?) haiku & short explanations:

gaming no more
uninstalled and given away
now, more productive
Had an epiphany this morning. (Well, it was morning my time. Yesterday server time.) Realized my gaming was a real tumor on my days -- all my free time (and some of the time I should have been using reading) was used gibbing people online. I estimated the number of hours I was wasting in a normal week, was briefly sick, and sprang out of bed. My computer came on, and I set about deleting my games. Gone, Quake 3 Arena. Gone, The Sims. Gone, Oni. Gone, Half-Life and Counterstrike. I pulled the cd's out of my case, put them in jewel boxes, and piled them in the corner. I estimated the cost of them all (about 35 games, at about $40 a piece), was briefly sick again. Hopefully the bulk will be gone by the end of the week...

an email recieved
a reason given for split
last year now makes sense
Erm. Something of a nda on that one. Suffice it to say, the ex explained herself, finally, and it released all sorts of "issues" I obviously had left over. Just one of those things that made me feel much better about myself, I suppose. No more blaming myself.
man running on walk
no, many men jumping there
actually, quake
Yow. I live in California for 15 years -- never felt an earthquake. Move up to Seattle...two largish quakes in 4 years. My apartment has this cantalevered walkway, so when people run on it is sort of shakes the floor. That was the thought running through my head in the first 10 seconds of the quake. The next 20 seconds were "Oh God, don't let this old-ass building fall down on top of me." One of the most genuinely frightening things I've ever had happen. But there's a sort of euphoria in the air: "This was a pretty large earthquake and I made it out alive! Woo!" I don't care that this wasn't the big one which is due to hit any day now. That feeling of relief is quite nice.